New Bedroom

For the last twenty years our bedroom has been upstairs. We loved it. The view from the bedroom windows is spectacular: the Sierra, the foothills, the river, a ever-changing sky. We've even sat out on the balcony and watched thunderstorms happening down in the valley.

But hubby and I are getting older, this year he'll be 79! Going up and downstairs has been hard on his knees and I must confess, at times mine too.

Earlier we had one of the downstairs bathrooms remodeled, a nightmare that finally turned into a dream. My office and two spare bedrooms are in that section of the house. We decided to make the two rooms into one--sort of--and have that for our bedroom.

Grandson Nick and friends came and did the remodel for that. They put in new floors, patched holes and painted. We bought stand-up closets for one of the rooms. Nick and friends hauled our bed downstairs--we got a new mattress too. They young men also took the bed that had been down here up.

It's all done now, with some new bed stands, lamps, curtains and TV. It looks great. My daughter-in-law said it reminded her of a beach cottage--probably because everything is blue. We haven't hung up any pictures yet, I have them, but as yet hubby hasn't brought down all his clothes so I'm not going to bug him until he's through. (I did, I could hardly wait to be all moved down.)

We lost the great view--oh, we can still see the mountains, but not the river.

Upstairs we didn't have air conditioning only fans and no heater--though I never missed either. Downstairs we're close to the heater and hubby is putting an air conditioner in.

The room is so comfortable I look forward to bedtime.

It was lots of work and I'm glad most of it's done.



Julia Ruskin said…
What a lovely change, Marilyn! I can imagine a bedroom on the main floor is a comfort.

I know there have been times I'm certainly glad my house is all on one level. I broke my leg about five years ago and had to climb two steps to get to the level where the bathroom was. It was deadly. I didn't have a cast, they wrapped my leg instead and I couldn't step on it at all. I hated crutches. I struggled with them for the whole three weeks, and finally, I tossed them and started hopping everywhere. By the time I was walking again I was determined to NEVER have to do stairs again. (Determinations are quickly broken.)

Enjoy that room!
About four years ago I broke my ankle. I could not manage with crutches either and used a wheelchair and hopped. I moved downstairs until my ankle healed. Downstairs is much, much better!

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