Notes About Authors Turned Up!

Can't believe it, I finally found the notes from the Mayhem panel called, "The Me You Don't See." They were right there in front of me.

So here we go:

The panelists were Sharon Newman, Sean Doolittle, Donna Andrews and Dana Stabenow. Wm. Kent Krueger asked the questions.

What is your favorite food?

Donna Andrews: Diet Coke and French Fries.
Dana Stabenow: Philipino Food
Sharon Newman: Eggplant and spices.
Sean Doolittle: Burgers

Favorite Movies:

Kent said his was the Wizard of Oz.
Dana: Star Wars
Sharon: Lady Hawke
Donna: Bedazzled and Twelve Chairs


Sharon: Mad Bull
Dana: Dragon
Donna: Saggitarious
Sean: Cancer (said that explained why he was crabby)


Dana: Raised by a single mother on a boat. Decided not to marry or be a mom.

Donna: Raised in a small town where everyone knew her family--similar to what is in her books.

Sean: Bucolic and bubbly childhood. Surrounded by farmland, alone a lot of the time.

Sharon: Eldest of four females. Brought her sister with her to the conference, but she didn't attend any of Sharon's panels.

First piece of fiction:

Sean: In third grade wrote, The Great Popcorn Caper.

Donna: In third grade wrote stories with a clam as the main character.

Dana: Raised on a 45 foot fish trawler, wrote stories about normal kids who lived on shore.

Sharon: Forged a letter to her teacher.

Wm. Kent Krueger confessed he was worried about people not recognizing him when he went to his 40th class reunion.

Dana: There were only five people in her graduating class.

Sharon: Wore a sword to school.

Sharon Newman: Serial dates, never married.

Donna: Patents took her career seriously.

Sean: Married his high school sweetheart.

Happiest Memory:

Donna: Reading in a hammock, playing imaginative things, pretending to be someone else.

Sharon: Had a lot of angst, but favorite memories all about reading books.

Embarrassing moments:

Sean: Slugged someone, wasn't who he thought it was.

Sharon: Mistook a monk for the Dali Lahma

Dana: Three years of pitching LCC, spoke before a group of 1000 people wearing her grungies.

A few highlights of a fun panel.


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