Still Can't Find My Notes and Other Nonsense

This is a photo of me and my hubby and Radine Trees Nehring and hers, taken after the spouse's panel at Mayhem.

It's really frustrating that I still can't find my notes from Mayhem.

I've been very busy working on the ghost writing project that has consumed me during the time that I'm home. It is drawing to a close and I believe it is what the client was hoping for. It will be up to him to find a publisher.

We took our son and wife out to dinner for his birthday. We went to his favorite Thai place. We don't get to see him or her much because he's a truck driver and salesman for Bonnie Farms and works down in the southern part of the state. His wife works with him, though she takes breaks ever so often. Since coming home from Mayhem, that's the only fun thing we've done.

Hubby is busy finishing up on the bedroom remodeling while I've been writing.

Because I'm going to be giving two talks in the near future about e-publishing, I go ahead and buy a Kindle to use for demonstration--and to see what my books look like on it, and just to read on it.

While we were flying home from Mayhem and got stuck in the airport, I finished the book I was reading, bought another book and a magazine and read both of those. A Kindle would have certainly come in handy there. I did break out my mini-computer and use it a bit--most of the airports now have wi-fi making it handy.

I'm really not a gadget person--I hate to learn new things, but I wouldn't be without my Blackberry and I love my mini-computer when I'm on trips. I suspect I'll be raving about the Kindle next.

That's it for now.



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