Two More Days and We Leave Again

It's truly countdown for the Public Safety Writers Conference--and yes, I am mightily excited!

This is my second year of planning the conference program and I thought last years was good--but we have so many outstanding speakers and people coming this year, I can hardly wait!

Now if we can just get through everything without too many gliches, I'll be happy.

Though there are quite a few people coming that I know--and I've had the good fortune of meeting two already that I hadn't met before--there are some new folks that are coming for the first time. I'm not only anxious to meet them, but hoping they have an outstanding experience.

Wonderful author, Betty Webb is not only giving the keynote speech at Saturday's lunch, but she also offered to teach a class--and I never turn anyone down who volunteers. I've already seen her handouts and this will be a great class for both unpublished and published writers.

I hope I can get my camera on my Blackberry to work so I can send photos back to my email so I can display them on this blog. (I'm notoriously obtuse when it comes to using all of my electronic toys--and can do some things well and others not at all.)

I've had what I need for the conference program and registration packed for awhile, my clothes are out that I'm planning to take, suitcase almost packed and I'll be ready to go bright and early tomorrow morning.

Not looking forward to the long drive to Las Vegas, but am looking forward to visiting with my sister, our first stop.



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