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Subject: SMELL OF DEATH by F. M. (Marilyn) Meredith

"WOW, what a fabulous book! In the very beginning I wondered if I was going to enjoy this book as much as I have Marilyn's other novels, but before long I was absolutely gripped by the unique plot and didn't want to put it down to work, eat, or sleep. Truly.

The main character, as in the other Rocky Bluff P.D. series, is Officer Stacey Wilbur. But other officers in the department are along for the ride and a thrilling ride it is. The books slips easily from one to another of the men working in the RBPD, letting each tell his story (Stacey seems to be the only female officer) and bringing family members and situations into the plot. Point of view moves smoothly from life to life as we learn the problems and joys--at home and at work--that the several officers face. They are working on several cases, and we go back and forth from one to another, making progress, experiencing frustrations, and always digging and digging for clues and answers. Its like the world's best ride-along!

I became involved with each of the men and their families--not to mention Stacey and her growing relationship with Detective Doug Milligan--and felt I understood very well much of what a law enforcement career involves. It goes right along with and helps verify all I have learned from my law officer friends and my own research into the life of Henry King, (from the "To Die For" series) now retired from the Kansas City Police Department. My next series novel is set partly in two police departments, Van Buren, AR (small town) and Kansas City (very large department) so this was a wonderful return to all that I enjoyed discovering while writing that story.

Anyone who has the slightest interest in anything to do with police work will love SMELL OF DEATH by F. M. Meredith. As you can tell, I sure did.

I can't recommend this book highly enough. Give it a few pages and you'll be hooked like I was."

Radine Trees Nehring
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