A Bit About the Setting for the Rocky Bluff Series

While at the Santa Barbara County Fair, I quite often explained to people who stopped by, that my Rocky Bluff P.D. series is set in a place sort of like Carpenteria. The real town of Carpenteria is located on the ocean side of the Pacific Coast, south of Santa Barbara and north of Ventura. There are other smaller towns perched on the hillsides here and there along the way.

Rocky Bluff really is nothing like Carpenteria, except for the fact that it is a beach community located between Santa Barbara and Ventura.

Actually, I've moved it closer to Ventura so it could be in Ventura County because I knew more about that county than Santa Barbara county. I also wanted the town to be smaller with more of the problems of a small town police department.

Another thing that is quite different is the geography. Rocky Bluff has a yes, rocky bluff on the north side and where it gets it's name. The richer folks of the town have their houses up on the bluff, and the most popular of two Protestant churches i located there.

I couldn't ignore the 101 Highway as it does happen to run up and down the coast, so it does run above the town with on and off ramps. On the hillside are ranches and orange groves.

Like I often remind people, remember, I'm writing fiction, and as the writer I can make things be the way I want them to be.



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