Fourth of July Review

We spent the fourth setting up our tent and selling my books in the City Park in Exeter. It got to be 108 degrees, or some such horrible temperatures.

We'd planned for a hot day, brought lots of cold water and misters.

Around two I began feeling bad and told my husband we should pack up. The whole thing was over at 3.

We hadn't done badly, we made back the money we paid for our spot on the grass and then some. I love talking to people about my books, but as it got hotter and hotter I knew I should get out of there.

By the time we drove home, I was really sick. Hot and cold, sick to my stomach, bad headache.

That continued most of the evening and night, didn't even watch the fireworks on TV.

Not much of a way to celebrate. One thing I know though, I won't be doing anymore outdoor events in the middle of summer. Give me a nice air conditioned library or bookstore from now own.

Happy Fourth a day late.

Marilyn a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


Mary Welk said…
Marilyn, I hope you're feeling better today. Stay out of the heat, lady!
Thanks, Mary. My daughter said she definitely knew I was getting old since when I was younger I went back packing with 20 Camp Fire Girls in the heat, carrying a big pot hooked to my pack that hit me in the head every time I leaned over. Those were the gold old days.
Mary Welk said…
Remind your daughter that we're ALL getting older, even she! And getting older has nothing to do with heat exhaustion. My son the tuckpointer has been the victim of heat exhaustion twice while on the job, and he's only in his thirty's.
Oh, she knows. She was just poking a bit of fun at me.

I suspect anyone can get heat exhaustion who is out in the sun too long, especially the poor guys who have to work in the heat.
Mary Welk said…
Your daughter and my son-in-law would get along great seeing as they have similar senses of humor. Jay gave me a fossil for my birthday so I'd have a momento of my ancestors. :) Actually, it's a beautiful piece and I have it standing on one of the bookcases. Now it's my turn to find something equally nutty for his birthday. :)

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