Mom's 100th Birthday

If my mom were still alive, she'd be 100 today! She lived to be 97. Her sister is that same age and still living in her own home. Amazing.

I was missing my mom today. I miss writing her letters and receiving letters from her. She lived with my sister in Las Vegas.

We did have some quality time toward the end of her life. My sis went on an Alaskan cruise and I went to stay with mom. We had a great time. I cooked all the food she asked for. Twice we had lamb chops, baked potatoes and asparagus. I watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeproady with her. We talked about old times.

After that my sister celebrated her 50th anniversary by going on a cruise and taking her four children, most of their children and the great grandkids. One of my daughters and I went along. I'm so glad I did because again I spent some quality time with my mom. We had all our meals together and sat around and did a lot of visiting.

Mom was so good about listening to people's troubles and never passing judgment. Anyone with problems called on mom for prayer--she was known as a prayer warrior. Oh, my sis and I might be asked to pray, but everyone knew mom's prayers were far more powerful.

At the last, mom wondered why she was still here. Once she even said, "I wonder if God forgot about me." She was definitely ready to go home to be with God and to be reunited with my dad.

I miss you, Mom. Happy Birthday.




That is a loving and sweet memory and tribute to your mother. I appreciate these kinds of "rememberances" that honor loved ones. And also are a message to current society of the kinds of qualities that are enduring and endearing.

And, I have to add, that we need strong "prayer warriors" these troubled days, too.

All the best,

A lovely and memorable tribute! My mom died last year at 93...toward the end, she, too, seemed to wonder why she lingered on. I wrote a recent blog about her my "Potpourri" blog. I have samples of her work throughout my house.
I could relate to your memories of your mom...I, too, lost my mother (last year at 93) and still remember the moments we shared.

Recently I posted on my "Potpourri" blog about my mom's paintings, symbols of her life and the time we shared together.
M.M. Gornell said…
Loved this post, especially since your mom and I share a birth date. She sounds like such a nice person, would have liked to know her.


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