More Photos from the PSWA Conference

Since I'm traveling today, thought it would be fun to show you some more pictures from the PSWA conference:

I'm not very good at placing photos, so these are kind of backwards. AJ Farrar are most competent MC is at the far left then we have Holli Castillo, Mike Orenduff,Me, Michael Black, and Marilyn Olsen. This was a panel about the importance of setting.

The one that kept everyone's interest here was the Publisher, Editor panel, with Billie Johnson, Oak Tree Press, Marilyn Olsen, and Joyce Spizer Foy.

This one should have been first since it is of our first get-together, at the time the photo was taken, this table had the largest group, however, people kept shifting places. We had registration from 3 p.m. on. When people started registering, they just sort of hung around until our party at 6.

It was a great conference, loved every minute of it.



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