“While email is the most widely used communication tool for business, its remote nature - which eliminates tone of voice and body language - presents a huge potential for mischief, misunderstanding and misinterpretation. This online program will help you go beyond basic email etiquette, to the proven principles and practices for gaining mastery and saving time over your electronic mail box.”

Please note that this article is excerpted from the book Time Management In An Instant: 60 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day and is copyrighted by Karen Leland and Keith Bailey. If you would like to reprint it on your blog or website you are welcome to do so, provided you give credit and a live link back to

Available now, this new book is one that every author or busy person should have on his or her bookshelf. Take a look at the table of contents and you can see that the topics could definitely help you take charge of your life.

Book Summary -

Time Management In An Instant: 60 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day

In today’s hurly-burly work environment many business people find it challenging to avoid distraction, stay focused, use their time and energy to maximum benefit, and gain ground on important goals and outcomes. One study by the Families and Work Institute found that one-third of Americans are overworked and more than 50 percent of those surveyed say they are either doing too many tasks at the same time or are frequently interrupted during the workday – or both. In short, we are overloaded!

Time Management In An Instant helps the reader to overcome this feeling of overload and avoid the traps that lead to an unproductive relationship with time. It offers field-tested time habits and expert advice based on the latest research that will help the reader better manage, create and spend their time with more satisfaction and results.

Time Management In An Instant
Table Of Contents




1. Achieve Your Goals Everyday
2. Apply the 80/20 Rule
3. Assess Your Time Management Skills
4. Assign Every Meeting A PAL
5. Beware The Stop Goal
6. Break The Habits That Hold Your Back
7. Broaden Your Definition of Finished
8. Capture Your Open Items
9. Choose The Perfect Planner
10.Chunk Down
11.Clean Out Your File Drawer
12.Consider Both Paper and PDA
13.Control Incoming Calls
14.Create To-Do Lists
15.Cultivate Time Efficient Conversations
16.Decide Who To Delegate To
17.Delegate Like A Pro
18.Design Goals In All Areas Of Life
19.Determine What To Delegate
20.Don’t Get Caught In The Yes Trap
21.Fight Distraction And Find Your Focus
22.Forecast The Success Of A Solution
23.Generate Energy With Your To-Do List
24.Get A Good Nights Sleep
25.Get Out Of Time Denial
26. Give Yourself A Procrastination Inoculation
27.Hone The Habits Of Meeting Management
28.Identify Your Interruptions
29.Keep An Activity Log
30.Lay Out Your Long-Term Goals
31.Learn From The Masters
32.Make The Most Of An Off-Site
33.Make Your Goals Specific
34.Manage Outgoing Calls
35.Minimize Unfinished Business
36.Move Your Body
37.Organize Your Email In-Box
38.Overcome Multitasking Madness
39.Plan Your Daily To-Do’s
40.Polish Up Your Delegation Delivery
41.Process Your In-Box
42.Promote Participation In Meetings
43.Put Together A Workable Planner
44.Reorganize Your Filing System
45.Retool Your Priority System
46.Save Time In Your Personal Life
47.Set Solid And Stretch Goals
48.Size Up Your Delegation Skills
49.Sort Your Stuff
50.Stay Sane Getting Back From Vacation
51.Step Back And Problem Solve
52.Streamline Your Email
53.Strengthen Your Meeting Facilitation Skills
54.Support Your Goals
55.Take A Real Vacation
56.Take The Pulse Of Your Procrastination
57.Try A Staycation
58.Understand Your Relationship With Time
59.Use Your Conference Time Wisely
60.Utilize The Four D’s

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About the Authors: Karen Leland and Keith Bailey are the bestselling authors of six books including Time Management In An Instant: 60 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day. They are the co-founders of Sterling Consulting Group, which helps organizations and individuals learn how to fight distraction and find their focus in a wired world. For more information please contact:

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I recommend this book for all the busy people I know

Marilyn a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


I hope that people will take a look at this book as time management is something we all need.

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