Plan for the Day

Since I felt lousy most of yesterday, due to my heat exposure from the day before, today I plan to tote up the money I made at the book sale on the 4th and organize books for my next event at the Beale Memorial Library in Bakersfield this coming Saturday, the 11th at 2p.m. This one's inside, hooray, hooray!

Once that's done, I hope to finish the book I'm working on. I've made it to the last chapter. When I type THE END, then it's time to start all over again and do some major rewriting. Actually, I like doing that.

This is when I can check what phrases I used over and over, if there are inconsistencies, things that need to be added or taken out, watching out for clunky dialogue--all those important things.

Of course I'll also be doing the laundry and what other household chores really need to be done.



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