Thursday at the Fair

Though I am now home, thought I'd share this photo of me at the Santa Barbara Fair. Though it looks okay, we're hidden behind a plexiglass wall with nothing to let anyone know we are there.

A few people wandered back there to see the photography entries hanging on the wall. I went out everyday with my cards and handed them out and told folks we were back there. Oh yes, a few paused on their way to the restrooms.

In the hotel we were staying in, the shower didn't work right. Had a terrible time washing my hair because the water only dribble out of the shower head. We complained about it and were told it was fixed--oh was it, no water came out at all the next morning. I had to wash my hair under the bathtub spigot which did have some water pressure. The only way I could do this was to lean over the tub.

Finally, on Friday night someone came in and fixed it--we were able to have a decent shower the last day we were there.

On the way home, we stopped at McDonald's to get an iced coffee, mine vanilla flavored. It tasted horrible and there were brown things floating around in the bottom. Hubby took it back and got me another--this one had so much vanilla flavoring in it I couldn't drink it until the ice melted and watered it down.

Despite all that, we really did have fun. We were with a nice bunch of authors, I did sell a few books--though I really had to work to do it--I read a whole book on my Kindle, sure is handy for traveling--and I'm catching up on everything here at home.

Hap and I had a good time together too--always a plus.



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