Tolowa Dancers in the Redwoods

In Kindred Spirits, the latest of the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries, there is a lot about the Tolowa people.

My friend, Junie Mattice, the wonderful Tolowa woman who is featured in the story as two women, sent me this photograph. Many of the dancers are her relatives. Check out the great outfits.

I loved learning about these wonderful, brave people.



Maryann Miller said…
Love the picture. Great costumes.
What the Indians wear for their dances and such are called outfits rather than costumes.

The Tolowa have quite a history. The tribe was nearly wiped out by the white man in the late 1800s and the killing of Indians was sanctioned by the Governor of California.
Cheryl said…
The U.S. Government's policy toward Native Americans remains a nasty stain on our history.

Shows like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and the mini-series Into the West helped bring that to light.

I know you told me at one point, but where in California are the Tolowa located?

Send my thanks to Junie for sharing this photo. It's beautiful.


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