Deaths of Famous People

Once again we've had two famous people die--Senator Kennedy and Dominick Dunne.

Though I'm sure Senator Kennedy did many good things in his long career of politics--unfortunately what I remember about him most was his wrong-doing.

I so vividly remember when he let that young woman drown and didn't bother telling anyone when it was too late because he was afraid of what being with her would do to his reputation. I have no doubt that he would have run for president and probably succeeded if he hadn't had that in his past. He was unfaithful to his first wife enough to make the news--and poor woman became an alcoholic.

Dominick Dunne was a famous writer--and the murder of his daughter certainly caused him to write about people who got away with or almost got away with murder. I'm sure the fact that his daughter's killer only served a short sentence had a lot to do with it.

I remember seeing him at the O.J. Simpson trial day after day. He later wrote about that trial.

No matter the legacy left by these two men, what we have to realize that they have loved ones they left behind. Loved ones who are now grief-stricken.

I've lived long enough to have lost a few loved ones in my life and know that their indiscretions are easily forgotten when we realize the person is no longer with us, that all we have left is their memory.

Everyone will have something to say about both of these departed souls, but we should all remember that they have family and friends who are saddened by their deaths.



Jacqueline Vick said…
It's all too easy to criticize and forget that there are people suffering a loss. Kindness doesn't cost anything, and sometimes the kindest thing is to say nothing. Thanks for the reminder.
I've been on vacation, and while I've heard about Ted Kennedy's passing, I didn't realize about Dominick Dunne. I have enjoyed several of his books, including my favorite, I think: "An Inconvenient Woman."

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