Flying from a Remote Location

We live in the sticks.

So many of the things I want to go to, mystery cons and the like are places where I have to fly. Because we're getting older, I'd like to do as many of these as possible while we can.

I was checking on flights to New Orleans from Bakersfield--eek, the prices are horrendous. I don't have enough miles to help. I've already signed up for Epicon which is in New Orleans this year so guess I'll wait awhile and see if prices come down. Not likely, but I am going to wait.

A group I belong to wants to meet in Ontario CA. To get there I'll have to either fly to Phoenix AZ first or to LAX and then Ontario. The price for that was almost as much as the one to New Orleans.

When I went to Alaska, I had to fly out of Fresno, then to San Francisco, then to Seattle and on to Anchorage. Coming home it was Seattle to Portland, Portland to San Francisco, and then Fresno. That trip cost a fortune.

We drive to a lot of places, Las Vegas, down to Southern California, up to Sacramento, even to Crescent City--which takes us old folks two days to get to because we have to stop so much.

I realize you always have to think about the cost of gas, meals on the road, hotel rooms when you drive vs airplane ticket and the time you save.

Anyway, it's just a dilemma and something else for me to complain about. And as an aside, I don't mind the actual flying at all. I'm not fond of long layovers, or having to run to another terminal when there's only a short amount of time between fights. It's a pain to take off my shoes and pull my computer out of my carry-on and I suppose I'll also have to pull out my Kindle too. Oh well.

And that's my blog for today.



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