Going Over a Galley Proof

Yesterday I received the galley proof for Dispel the Mist. I was happy because that's the next step to having the books actually published.

This manuscript was read chapter by chapter by my critique group. Many changes were made. Then I paid an author friend who has done much editing to edit the manuscript. I made the suggested changes and fixed the typos.

The book was sent off to my publisher. An editor was assigned. A great editor, I might add. I was pleased with all she found--many typos and even some inconsistencies. She went over it twice as did I each time she sent it back.

When I went over the galley, some of the things I found were gliches because of the typesetting (which is what they seem to still call it even though no type is being set), but I did make some changes, minor, found more typos, and once when a wrong name was being used.

Now, of course, all those things will have to be fixed, but I won't see it again.

After that it will go to the printer and I can order books for all the places I've set up for appearances. It's always a bit nerve-wracking when the time draws close.
I know the publisher is putting together many more books than mine, and some of them will be bigger sellers--but I have high hopes for Dispel the Mist. Not everyone has the Hairy Man as one of the characters in his or her book.



Helen Ginger said…
I love the title, Dispel the Mist. It sounds very intriguing. What fun to hold the galley in your hands! Congrats.

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