Hoping to Get A Buzz Going

Not only did I have a good time researching Dispel the Mist, it was a fun book to write. How could I miss when one of the characters is a cousin to Big Foot.

Yes, indeed, the Hairy Man is the legendary, or maybe not so legendary, fellow who roams the mountains above the Tule River Indian Reservation. I can see the backside of those mountains from the windows of my house.

When I was talking to the Tolowa women who gave me ideas for Kindred Spirits they shared many stories about Big Foot.

While researching for Dispel the Mist I learned and heard about Hairy Man sightings.

Anytime I write about Tempe and Hutch I feel like I'm visiting with old friends. Friends I know far better than any of my flesh and blood friends--because I can get right inside their heads.

I hope a lot of people will want to read what happens when Tempe encounters the Hairy Man.



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