How to Waste An Afternoon

Oh boy, I did a good job of it yesterday.

I did accomplish a few things, like toting up my writing expenditures for a month. Unfortunately they are always more than what I brought in from my writing.

I spent way too much time on Facebook--but isn't it fun? I found out my niece made tacos and baked cookies for the neighborhood kids--and her own two, of course.

My grandson, the Aspen CO cop, posted a photo of two bears up a tree, a mom and cub. These you could see quite plainly. I hope he keeps his guard up since he has bear encounters every night while he on duty.

I learned his little sister loves school--she's a sophomore in high school.

And of course I found out all sorts of interesting things from the many friends (some I know and some I don't) on Facebook.

I tried to make postcards for Dispel the Mist and failed. So, I order some from VistaPrint. Much easier to do.

Received two books I ordered from Amazon, one the latest Wm. Kent Krueger mystery and I already read a few pages.

Another granddaughter came over with her friend and the friend's newborn and of course I had to hold him and do some cooing and gooing.

I read the Fresno Bee, the Porterville Recorder and the Sierra Messenger. The Messenger had the best news, a bookstore is opening in Porterville. We've been without a bookstore for a long, long time. Grand opening is September 1. I can hardly wait.

And did some sporadic Internet promotion for Dispel the Mist. Ideas popped in my head and I acted on them so I wouldn't forget.

Since today is Sunday, I don't plan on anything different than my usual Sunday fare since we'll be home.

I'll teach my 3rd through 5th grade boys at Sunday School and go to church. Since we went to church in San Juan Capistrano last Sunday it'll be nice to see and worship with our own church family.



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