Is Any of This Worth It?

Of course I'm speaking about all the time, effort, and yes, money that's invested in writing.

I can answer this question in several ways depending upon what is meant by worth.

If it means money--no, it isn't worth what I make. I end up spending a lot more on promoting--biz cards, going to conferences and conventions, book festivals, etc. than actually comes in on royalties and what I sell myself.

Is it worth it for the fun I have? Yes, indeed. I've made so many friends over the years going to conferences, conventions and the like--friends who have become really close and I keep in touch with through email and Facebook. Many of these friends are other authors, but just as many are readers and fans of my books. (Oh and by the way, the author friends also are readers and some of them are fans of my books and vice versa.)

Hubby and I have visited many place in this country of ours we'd have never even thought about if it hadn't been for mystery cons. Omaha Nebraska comes to mind first. That was a place I'd never even considered as a fun place to go. Mayhem in the Midlands is held there and I wouldn't miss it. The Old Marketplace has the fabulous restaurants and the zoo is the best I've ever visited. We loved San Antonio and Tampa FL and of course Seattle. Our most exciting time was when I was invited to be an instructor at the Maui Writers Retreat and my way was paid--brought hubby along too and though I worked all week, he and I both managed to have a fabulous time.

Because I write mysteries about people in law enforcement I'm grateful for the friendship I've made in the Public Safety Writers Association and working on the program for the yearly conference has been a challenge and fun all at the same time.

And now down to the real worth--being able to write and tell the stories bouncing around in my head. Now writing two series, the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries and the Rocky Bluff P.D. has crowded my brain with such a large group of characters all crying out to be written about.

Yes, it's all worth it. I make sure to take time for my family and to have fun. Hubby and I try to go out once a week together, for dinner and a movie when possible.

But yes, despite the downside, it has all been worth it.



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