I've Turned into a Prude

Well, I'm not really sure that I've become such a prude as TV shows and movies have just gotten far worse than they used to be.

I was all set to watch the first and second episodes of an HBO show created from a book series written by someone I know. The books are clever, unusual and funny. I could only watch about fifteen minutes of the TV show which had unnecessary bad language, nudity, people having sex and not much about the main character or the story that I suspect was still to come.

At this stage in my life I don't really like to hear bad language, nor do I enjoy seeing people without their clothes, and I already know how to have sex, thank you very much, I don't need to watch people doing it. And that's what they are doing is just having sex, there certainly isn't any love making in the way most TV shows and movies depict it.

Frankly I yearn for the old movies filled with romance and when couples went to the bedroom to make love, they shut the door and you used your imagination for what happened next.

Don't get me wrong, I love movies. I've always loved movies. My father worked for Paramount Studios and he believed in supporting the industry. We went to the movies every Friday night except when we were on vacation--and if there was a movie theater where we vacationed we went to one or two movies there.

Back in the olden days for the price of a movie ticket you got to see two movies, a cartoon, previews, and the newsreels. Sometimes they played Keeno too, a version of Bingo--the winners received a set of dishes. If you went to a movie in downtown L.A., you might be treated to a vaudeville act or two. Only did that a couple of times.

I guess I need to start believing the R ratings. Used to be that only meant maybe some bad language, violence, or brief nudity. Now, it seems that R is what the old X rating used to be.

The main reason I don't like to see that stuff is the bad images stick in my brain--and I don't want them there. Life is too short to focus on the seamy side of things.

So there, I've put it out in the open, I've become a prude.



I'm happy to number myself among your prudish friends, Marilyn.
old_guey said…
Well, that's three of us. Add my wife, daughter, her husband, and my youngest son. I think our cat would come aboard if he could stay awake long enough to watch a movie. (He's neutered so sex isn't a big thing for him) Every trailer I've seen this fall has an "R" rating. The movies that made $$ this summer weren't R-rated.
Lillie Ammann said…
I'm another prude as well. Even the ads today are getting to be beyond my tolerance level. :-)

Lillie Ammann
A Writer's Words, An Editor's Eye
Jacqueline Vick said…
How right you are. I remember my parents taking me to see Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, and thinking the movie would be just like the play. Opening shot was the shadow of two people having sex. My parents and I were both mortified! And that was mild compared to what's onscreen today. Of course, maybe it's just me. I snuck OUT of Porkies when I was a teen. I was so embarrassed. They wonder why movie ticket sales have dropped off!

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