Kids and Grandkids

As anyone who has read my posts knows, I have a huge family. Seems amazing to me since I only had one sibling, my sis.

My very first grandson, Patrick, was born on my husband's and my anniversary. He's the bare-chested fellow with his beautiful wife Lucy. The two kids with medals are their daughters, Emily and Olivia. The girls are following their father's footsteps in the sport of shot-put and discus-throwing. They also have a younger son, Ethan, who is into martial arts.

The other photo of me and hubby is with Alyssa, our youngest grandchild. She belongs to our youngest daughter. (She's also the same age as our oldest great-grandchild.)

Alyssa doesn't usually wear glasses, she bought these non-prescription glasses because she likes how she looks in them. I'm on Facebook with her and its fun seeing the photos she posts and hearing a bit about what she's doing.

I really do enjoy hearing about all of these offspring of ours--and it's even better when we get to spend some time with them.

And that's my musings for today.



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