Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Mixed Day

We are here in Dana Point partly yo celebrate Lorna and Larry Collins new mystery. today was the big Fine Arts Fair Lorna organized and her book was supposed to arrive last week. they didn't show up. So disappointing, but the fair went on.

Lorna and Larry slaved away setting everything up in the front yard of the church. a
Artists and craft people set up their tents. Authors tables were om the porch. It rained for a bit--maybe in sympathy for the Collins disappointment. People came to buy their new book.

Tomorrow they are having a launch for the book that isn't here. Impossible to cancel>

Despite all this we've had a great time with them. We've been celebrating Lorna's and my birthdays--same day and had fun gabbing, two great dinners, and we've been helping as much as possible.

These things happen in the book business--but it is sure awful when it does.

Tomorrow we'll have a good time at the launch without books.