Now I'm Getting Nervous

After spending the weekend with the Collins' and all their wonderful plans for introducing and selling their new book at two occasions with no books arriving, it made me take a second look at my calendar.

Of course I don't have any copies of Dispel the Mist yet either. Once they are printed they don't just fly through the air, they have to ordered, the number of copies paid for have to be printed, the books are boxed and then sent on their way via truck from somewhere in the Midwest, all the way out here to California.

Next week I head out to Ridgecrest to speak to the Ridgewriters. I did not expect to have books for that engagement. It's been two years since I've spoken to them so I have plenty of books to take that no one has seen before.

On the 12th of September, I'm headed to Nipomo Library for an all day event. Though it would be nice to have copies of Dispel the Mist for that event, again, I have plenty of books to display and sell.

But then we get to September 19th where I'm speaking at the Porterville Library, my own stomping grounds, and having books for this event is essential. That is the book they've asked me to speak about.

When you look at the calendar, that isn't really a whole lot of time. I've been promised that I'll hear the minute the books are ready to order and I'm sure I will. I'm just hoping it won't be too much longer.

When I told Lorna I knew exactly how she felt, I meant it, having gone through this more than once. It would help if an author could wait until books were in hand to set up events, but it must be done ahead of time.

This is just another part of being an author--a part most of us would rather not have to experience--every single time we have a new book out.



My books are now available through Mundania Press, both as e books and trade paperbacks. I've ordered 100 to take with me to events.

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