Once Again We're Off

We will be leaving this morning for Southern California and Saturday's Art Festival at the San Juan Capistrano Community Presbyterian Church which begins at 11. I'll be giving a presentation on How to Write a Mystery with group participation as we brainstorm ideas for one.

First though we'll be stopping at Lorna and Larry Collins' home. This event is their baby and they've invited hubby and me to stay with them. We're excited to be spending time with Lorna and Larry. We first met them at Epicon (the conference for e-publishing) though I'm not sure exactly which one. The one I remember the best was held in Virginia Beach in March. We had a wonderful oceanfront hotel, but it was too cold to enjoy being outside. Of course we've seen them at others, including the last one that was held at the Montelongo Resort in Henderson, NV.

They are a fantastic couple and it'll be wonderful to get to know them better.

The drawback is getting down there. We'll be driving and wherever you go in Southern California you have to do it on the freeways. The freeways are so crowded and some people drive like they are on a raceway. No one drives the speed limit and if you try you may get run over. That part I'm not looking forward too. Though we'll certainly take the Magellan to help us get there, we may peruse a map and see what might be the best way to travel. We're not in a hurry.

And that's my post for today.

If you want to know more about the Fine Arts Festival, scroll down.



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