Plotting the Course

What does the phrase really mean? I have no idea.

Plotting a book means to figure out what you are going to write and how you'll get there. I have my own manner of plotting and I've written about it before.

Some people plot their entire lives--risky since things seldom turn out the way we expect them to.

Lately I've been plotting the course for the promotion of Dispel the Mist. and I have some great events lined up, but would really like some more--especially during the week.

Because I don't have the books yet I can't start the process of sending out books to reviewers, an essential part of the promotion.

I'll be having a blog tour in October--waited until then to make sure I had books by then.

Since my in person promotion officially begins with my talk at the Porterville Library I'm hoping I have books by then.

I've also been plotting the course as far as writing and mystery conferences go. I passed on Bouchercon in Indiana this year because it is the same weekend as the Apple Festival, an event where I always sell lots of books. We are going to Epicon in New Orleans in March--plotting that course means making a hotel reservation and figuring out how to get there by air that doesn't cost a fortune and won't mean making three or more stops along the way.

Not going to Left Coast Crime in L.A. either, the reason is because my granddaughter is getting married during that time period.

We do hope to get to Mayhem in the Midlands in May, one of our favorite cons--and then of course, there's PSWA in June.

Whether I know exactly what the phase means to others, this is what plotting the course means to me.



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