Still Working on Finding Places to Make Appearances

Today I sent an email to the Eagle Mountain Casino on the Tule River Indian Reservation. This is the reservation that I've patterned the fictional Bear Creek Indian Reservation after.

I also want people to realize I'm writing fiction and though the Bear Creek Indian Reservation bears some resemblance to the Tule River Indian Reservation it is not an exact replica--nor is anything on the reservation including the characters who appear in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries.

I've often been asked if I'm Indian--and the answer is no, I'm not. One of my great-grandchildren is 1/4 Tule River Indian with ties to the reservation. I have much respect for our local Indians and what they've managed to do to improve their lives on the reservation. Not only do they have their casino they also have other enterprises which have given their citizens more opportunities for work as well as others in the surrounding communities.

With my latest book, Dispel the Mist, I borrowed one of their wonderful legends as a large part of the story. The Hairy Man is a cousin to Big Foot and the wonderful pictograph in the Painted Rock shelter gave me the incentive to include him in the book.

Is he real? Certainly he's real in Dispel the Mist. The mountainous area surrounding the reservation makes a wonderful habitat for this legendary creature and it's far more interesting to believe he's out there than not.

Whether or not the reservation will want me to do anything with the book in the casino is debatable. I'll accept whatever answer they give me.



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