A Visit with Daughters, A Book Launch, Movies

We arrived home this after noon after three days away.

Our primary purpose was to visit our two grown daughters who live in Southern California. We stayed with our eldest daughter because our youngest was involved helping out with the funeral arrangements for her best friend--the young woman died after a heroic battle with cancer.

On our first evening we took our eldest and hubby out to dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary. We went to Joe's Crabshack where I thoroughly enjoyed the Dungeness Crab Bucket.

Besides visiting lots, we went to the movies twice. We saw Public Enemy which the men enjoyed more than we did, and on the next day we watched 30 minutes of Funny Man and walked out--it was far too raunchy for all of us. We then went to the Ugly Truth--that one was funny--though it had its raunchy moments too.

Daughter and I attended Sheila Lowe's book launch for her latest, Dead Write. It was a lovely event with many, many people. Since it was in another beach city didn't expect to see anyone I knew, but I saw and visited with two women from the L.A. chapter of Sisters in Crime that I've seen from time to time over the years.

That evening we raided daughter's refrigerator for left-overs.

The last evening we were there we had dinner with youngest daughter and hubby and our granddaughter at Outback. Since we don't have any of these chain restaurants near where I live, it was a treat. We caught up with everything that's going on with this part of our family and had a lovely meal.

We no sooner arrived home and learned that the same granddaughter we'd just seen last night may have broken her arm while on a hike and mother and daughter were in the hospital. Haven't heard the outcome as yet--but it does seem that my daughter has far too much on her plate.

And that's what I've been up to since I last wrote a blog.



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