Watching Reality TV

Yes, I confess, I love Reality TV. I'm a morning person, usually roll out of bed around 5:45. By the time I'm through cleaning up after dinner,I'm done. Ready to watch a movie on DVD or some mind-candy TV.

I'm fond of Big Brother, Survivor, The Great American Race, and I've been watching the new RV Family show. The only ones I don't watch are the dating ones and the crazy competition where people can't help but being hurt.

Now, you might say, what a waste of time for a writer. Maybe, maybe not. My mind is no longer fresh enough to do any real work by the 8 p.m. And if you want to gather up information for characters for novels, nothing beats reality TV. Sometimes I can't believe such people exist!

There's always some self-absorbed male or female that can't see beyond his or hers looks or great physique or curves. When you get into the shows where there are couples, you can always see the potential for disaster in their mis-matched futures--or the ones who obviously made a great choice.

Family dynamics are even more fun. I applaud those who work together and seem to genuinely love being together. Some families you just thank God they don't live in your neighborhood.

One thing I have to say about most of these reality shows is that contestants need to pay attention to the rules. If there are rules to be read, read them all the way through and make sure you understand what you can't do before rushing off into the unknown.

Believe me I've found great fodder in reality shows for character traits that find their way into my books.

And just for fun, I watch Dancing With the Stars--even got my husband hooked on the show.

And that's my big confession for today.



Kate Anderson said…
About ten years ago, Cora Ramos told me that she watches reality tv for the same reason you do. I scoffed. Now I realize you are both right. I draw the line at most MTV reality shows but this season of Big Brother has been fascinating.
I don't watch MTV at all.

But Big Brother has been very interesting this season.
Helen Ginger said…
Every season, I say, I am NOT going to watch so-and-so. And half the time, I do. You and I seem to have the same interests in reality TVs. As for game shows, I sometimes watch the one where contestants have to do all kinds of stuff in the shortest time to win. I love watching them bounce off the Big Red Balls. No matter how many times I see a contestant do it, I laugh.

Straight From Hel
Fat Cat said…
I'm with you, Marilyn, but in addition to the ones you love, I like Project Runway, because I was a fashion designer before I became a writer. I also like Top Chef, The Next Food Network Star and So You Think You Can Dance and Design Star, competitions where people with real skills compete for really worthwhile prizes, like a shot at launching their careers.

I really don't like the dating shows. I watched one night when I couldn't find anything else, and the guy made out with four different women in ten minutes! Speaking as a medical reporter, that was pretty disgusting to watch!

Though my writing schedule and biorhythms are the complete opposite of yours...(I can easily stay up until 4:30 but if I try to get up at 4:30, I actually get sick) I still agree with what you say about reality TV being great mind candy. To make it work with my nighttime writing schedule, I tape the shows and watch them the next morning. Great fun!
I too find the dating shows disgusting--swapping spit with that many men or women seems in such a short time period (and no telling what else they do)is not something I really want to even think about.

We don't get some of the cable shows so can't watch a lot of them and it's probably a good thing.

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