Writing a New Blog Post Everyday

When I started doing blogs, I sort of went at it haphazardly. I didn't have a plan nor did I have special days to blog.

The more I got into it I realized that having new content on one's blog everyday is important. Well, not earth shattering important, but enough that I would like to keep people coming back and reading.

A blog is a bit like writing in a diary. I kept a daily diary until I met my husband-to-be on a blind date. That's when my life got interesting and when I quit writing.

What I decided I wouldn't be doing on my blog is writing political stuff. I'm not going to tell you how I voted, nor how I feel about the health care plan. I learned a long time ago many friends I cherish--both in person and on the Net don't all share the same political views I have. I learned long ago that arguing about them won't change anyone and it can certainly ruin a friendship.

I also don't talk about religion except to say that I am a Christian, I hope that I act like one. Again, though I'm not going to argue with anyone about their beliefs, I will talk to someone if they want to know how and why I believe the way I do, but again, arguing can ruin friendships.

I cherish my friends and so those two topics are taboo as far as this personal blog goes.

So that's my blog for today.



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