A Different Kind of Hero by Leah Beth Evans

A Different Kind of Hero is about a monkey named Tomagochi and his friends, Peshe, the tiger, and Mocho, the Tucan who live in the rain forest.

Tomagochi feels his nothing but an ordinary money while his friends are special--the tiger with his strips and the Tucan with all his colorful feathers and the ability to fly.

The story centers on a potential disaster when bulldozers arrive to cut down the trees in the rain forest. The only one brave enough to protect the animals' home is Tomagochi.

The illustrations in this book are delightful.

That author, Leah Beth Evans, was a fourth grader when she learned about the rain forest and wrote this book.

Not only will youngsters enjoy reading about the monkey who becomes a hero, but this book could be a means to begin a discussion about the rain forest for teachers and parents.

A Different Kind of Hero is published by http://www.tribute-books.com/


I enjoyed reading this book and the lovely illustrations.


Tribute Books said…
Thanks Meredith for the review - and for posting it so promptly.

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