Dispel the Mist

The reviews are starting to come in--three to be exact, all terrific. Only one is up on Amazon so I'm anxious to see if there will be more.

My numbers are going down on Amazon which means my promotion is paying off. Oh, my numbers are nothing like the big name authors, but they are low for my books.

An article about my talk at the library was on the front page of the local newspaper! And it also appeared on the online version. Exciting stuff!

My signing at Kirby Farms was super--sold books, met some new people, had fun conversations, and my biggest fan, Sheri Smith, stopped by. Oh, and the cookies were delicious as was the lemonade. Besides produce, these folks sell homemade pies, cookies, muffins, delicious bread, and they have two rooms with boutique items. For anyone who reads this blog who lives in Springville, this is a wonderful new place.

Next up is my family reunion in Barstow. I'll be having a signing at the Holiday Inn Express--the one by the outlets--at 2 p.m. on Saturday. I suspect most of the people who come will be my relatives who are already there, but have had a promise of a visit from a good author friend who lives outside of Barstow.

For that event I'm making a huge pot of my chili beans. They were a hit last year, hope they turn out as well this year. I don't use a recipe, so you never know. No matter what, the weekend promises to be fun.



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