Exciting Times When We Lived in a Neighborhood

It's been awhile since we lived in a city or a real neighborhood--but I was thinking back about some of the excitement I remember from back then.

One night, while I was asleep in our back bedroom--with the drapes open, after all we had a six foot high fence all around the yard--a police chase ended right outside the sliding glass door. I never woke despite the fact our dog, a German Shepherd, cornered the suspect right there. The police, one of whom was my son-in-law, arrested and hauled the guy away. My dear son-in-law told me that my nightgown had hiked up and I mooned the whole bunch. Dear hubby affirmed this. (Why on earth didn't he come inside and cover me up?)

Another time, our whole family was sleeping and my middle daughter ( a teenager at the time) came in to tell us someone was on the roof. Once we were good and awake, we could actually hear someone clomping around up there. At the time hubby slept in the all together. He leapt out of bed, dasjed out the back door, grabbed an ax he had there, climbed a ladder and got on the roof. We could hear him yelling and chasing the intruder. Daughter and I fell into fits of laughter picturing hubby and father running across the roof, buck naked, hollering and waving an ax. We hoped he neighbors wouldn't see him and call the police. He didn't catch the guy, but no doubt traumatized, the roof walker jumped to the ground and hightailed it down the street.

And that's my two prowler stories. No doubt there were more, it was a wild neighborhood despite the fact several police officers lived there, but those are the ones I remember, and probably the funniest.

Now we live in the foothills and our intruders have been limited to bobcats, possums and raccoons.



Dorothy said…
LOL, funny stories, Marilyn!
Storyheart said…
I would not know where to start with all the stories, my life has been far from a quiet one...

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the laugh Marilyn.
Anonymous said…
OK, those are great stories!

I don't have any good prowler stories, just the woman that jumped into our car as we were getting in after going out for Chinese food. She said she was escaping from her ex-boyfriend, who had kidnapped her.

This was in the days before cell phones, and we had just moved to the area, so we took her to the only location we could think of: my workplace, which had a lobby with "security guards". They called the police for us.
Hilarious! Obviously, your neighborhood was not such a quiet one! I haven't had anything exciting happen since I've been back in the city, but when I lived in the foothills, we had all kinds of rabble-rousing from the neighbors. There were drunken brawls,with cops rounding everyone up; we had coyotes and foxes, too, but they were usually peaceful (and stealthy!).
Anonymous said…
Those stories are so funny! Thanks for sharing!
Pat Browning
Trudi said…
the area seemed so calm and normal to me at the time, only later when returning did I realize we did not live in a quiet place. I remember hearing about the roof walker...
Jeff texted me today about one of your books...he must have seen it at the bookstore in Kearney...

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