Family Reunion 2009

Wow! Did that weekend ever speed by.

We had over 70 people who came, some for only Saturday. Most arrived Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday morning, giving us two nights for hilarity.

After I got there and unpacked, I sat in the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express and acted as official greeter. Daughter Lori brought dinner--a wonderful taco salad and lots of it. Others brought fruit, veggie plates, home made cakes and cookies and drinks and goodies galore.

We ate, visited and granddaughter Melissa, organizer extraordinaire, had games planned for everyone including a bowling tournament by bringing her Wii. Hubby loved that.

The little kids, and there were a passel of them, had crafts to make and other fun stuff. Bigger kids and the oldsters played Estimation--we used four decks and for one of the games had fifteen players. Some just sat around and talked.

Saturday was filled with activity, relay races for everyone by the pool involving lots of water, a triathalon for the kids, a treasure hunt through the hotel, and lots of visiting. Hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch and lots of other stuff.

Some went off on shopping excursions as the hotel is right next to a mall.

At two, I had a booksigning in the breakfast room of the hotel, some of my relatives bought books and a friend who lives nearby, Madeline, came and brought a friends from her book club.

I made a huge pot of chili beans for dinner and it was nearly all gone except for one bowl eaten by one of the hotel staff.

A talent show began the evening. Hubby and eldest daughter resurrected a ventriloquest/ dummy skit they'd done 25 years ago. Just as funny this time around. We had singers--one seven, another seventeen, a violin solo by another seven year old who also did an Irish dance, a thirteen-year-old trumpet player, a karate demo and a jujitsu demonstration, and more.

Afterwards, once again some of us played Estimation, but other board games went on too.

I know some of the younger one stayed up until three and then packed up all the stuff and cleared it out.

Next a.m., there was another treasure hunt for the little kids, goodbyes for said and everyone headed off in different directions for their homes.

Everyone got along, and the only accident was two little cousins bumping heads.

We all had a wonderful time!



M.M. Gornell said…
It was wonderful meeting just a few of your family members! You are truly blessed. Everyone was so nice and friendly. My friend Mary was so glad she came and said a lot of nice things about you, and my other friend Janice started Dispel the Mist already and said she loves it! I'm holding off reading mine for just the right time, as a special treat--which puts you in good company--haven't read P.D. James's The Private Patient yet either (keeping for the perfect time)and I've had it for months.

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