Gearing Up for A New Blog Tour

Oh yes, I will be off on a new blog tour in October. It's not as easy and just visiting one blog after another, all these tours are set up in advance.

Because I wasn't sure when my copies of Dispel the Mist would arrive, I decided to have the tour the month after the publishing date. That was a good thing because some of the blog hosts want copies of the book to review. All of them want new content for my visit.

When someone sends an interview, that's the easiest because it's merely a matter of answering questions about myself and my book. The trick is to make it interesting and different from other things I might say for other blogs.

The more difficult blog posts are where they say you can write whatever you want. It's a matter of trying to figure out what might be interesting to the regular readers of that blog. Sometimes the blogs are geared toward new writers who want helpful information. Other times the readers are looking for something fresh and witty. Of course because I'm on a blog tour to promote my book, I want to write something about it too without being obnoxious about it. (That's hard too because I've read some blogs where the promotion was far too heavy-handed.)

Anyway, today I have two blogs I need to write something intelligent, bright, witty, humorous or instructive for--or if I'm particularly clever, all of the above.

Wish me luck,



Looking forward to your two day visit at Paperback Writer. Have fun on your book tour!
Rebecca, I'm looking forward to visiting you again too!


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