Labor Day

My plans for labor day are to do just that--labor.

Time to do the laundry, put it off far too long. It's so strange only doing laundry for two people. I raised five kids and until the fifth one arrived I didn't have a dryer, so all that washing was hung up on the line--though it was actually lines, I think I had five. I washed nearly every day. Things were much easier when I got the dryer.

When we were down to two kids (one of ours and one we'd taken in) we became the owner/operators of our own licensed facility for six developmentally disabled women, so I was back to washing every day. After twenty-three years we retired from that but we've had different folks living with us off and on, grandsons and the like, so there was plenty of wash to do. Now it is just the two of us and I can go for a longer period of time before I feel the need to do the laundry.

Friday, my grandson--another one--came and cleaned house and Saturday he was back to shampoo the carpets. What an improvement. But I always clean our bedroom and the bathroom we use--and it's time for that too.

So that's what I'll be doing all day--laboring. Perfect occupation for the holiday.

Oh, I know, most people are camping--don't do that anymore unless we're invited along with our daughter and her husband in their fancy motor home--but I enjoy my own bed too much. Yes, I do go away on book adventures, but we always stay in hotels.

In fact, that reminds me of one more job I have to do and that's pack up my books and stuff for the coming weekend. We're headed for Nipomo and the library for a pleasant day selling books in a great location.

That's my labor day.



Woo hoo! I finished my list. Now I can do other things that are more fun.

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