Library Event

A lot of things were going on this past Saturday, a Jr. Rodeo in Springville, the Tulare County Fair, a Pow Wow on the reservation--and my library event.

We came early, got everything set up and the librarian and I sat down to visit. Five of one, my good friend and leader of our critique group arrived. Then another good friend. A reporter and a photographer came next.

I decided it was about time for me to get up and start talking. I love telling about Deputy Tempe Crabtree and how she came to be. And it's exciting to me to explain how I incorporated the Hairy Man in this latest book called Dispel the Mist.

Five young girls arrived and listened intently.

When I had spoken for about a half hour another couple arrived. Turned out they'd come all the way from Fresno and their Mapquest directions led them astray. Even more interesting, they came because the husband is a friend of mine on Twitter--someone I'd never met before and learned about the event through one of my tweets about it.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves and I sold a few books.

Also, the librarian and I talked about putting on an author/book event at the library sometime in the spring.

I had a good time, people learned about my book, and I met someone new. We had a nice visit on our way to the parking lot.



Morgan Mandel said…
The main thing is you enjoyed yourself. We had a low sale day at the Flea Market Saturday, but so did the other vendors. Still, it was relaxing just to hang out with each other and not have to worry about getting things done at home or on the computer. We were forced to relax, which is a good thing.

Oh, I did buy a small pillow and a few cute pictures for the walls, total in all $5.00.

Morgan Mandel

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