The Long Way Home

I wanted to show some photos that I took on the way home, but the photo gizmo has disappeared, so I'll tell you instead.

We decided to come home a different way from Ridgecrest and put Shortest Way into our Magellan. We know we'd be going through the mountains, but I had no idea what that entailed.

First we took off through a gorgeous but remote stetch of high dessert filled with green clumps of some sort of vegetation and huge Joshua trees (maybe--or at least some kind of desert looking cactus type plants). The hills were high and got higher the farther we drove.

We passed tiny little communities--one named Onyx. There were ranches and ranchettes and some gorgeous homes here and there on the hillsides.

On we drove and climbed until we reached Lake Isabella--which is a good-sized lake. Some mansion type houses overlooking the water--and lots of interesting campgrounds already crowded with tents and small campers because of the Labor Day weekend coming.

We drove through Kernville--not too big, but interesting with a Western flavor.

We kept on going, the road was two lanes only all the way, and we kept on climbing. There was hardly any other vehicles on the road--no wonder, the road was so crooked and it didn't seem to be leading anywhere except higher into the mountains. And yes, the roads were called Mountain Road number this or that.

The scenery was beautiful, tall pines, manzanita, and scrub pines. A bit eerie too though considering all the fires going on down south and north in the Yosemite areas.

Then we found ourselves surrounded by Giant Sequoias--beautiful and tall. And then the road became 190. Guess what, that's the one we live on. I've been on 190 up in the high country long ago and vowed never to do it again. Too late--we were committed.

By this time we were getting hungry--and came upon the Ponderosa Inn. I've heard about it a lot, but never seen it. Quite a place--it's a lodge, has a tavern, diner and a general store. Lunch was simple but good, and hubby and shared homemade Apple Crisp for dessert.

Then it was back on the road. 190 doubles back on itself many times, and of course now we were going downhill. Very scary for me. Hubby did great driving--didn't bother him at all.

We got home in time to collapse and watch General Hospital.

Next time we'll go the tried and true way--lots more traffic, but easier driving.



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