Meeting with the Ridgecrest Writers

This was taken with my Blackberry through the car window on our way home. The trees were magnificent, the road was windy like a coiled snake and scary as can be. I put other photos on my Facebook page.
We really enjoy meeting with the Ridgewriters in Ridgecrest. This was my third time to give a presentation to them. 
Ridgecrest is way out on the high desert, right next to the China Lake Naval Air Station. Most of the people who live there have or have had something to do with the base. It was really hot--it's really hot where we live too, but it was hotter in Ridgecrest.
We first went to the wonderful BevLen Haus Bed and Breakfast where the Ridgewriters were putting us up. We stayed with Bev previously and it was great to see  her again. Then we met the president and Donna, who is a great gal, for dinner beforehand. I won't say anything about the dinner because mine had a problem, but the conversation was great. 
The meeting was held in the library of an assisted living facility and I believe there were close to 25 people in attendance as I don't have any of the 25 handouts I brought left.
My talk was about electronic publishing, the Kindle and promoting on the Internet. Many questions were asked and answered.
One highlight was meeting a friend who is on  Facebook with me. Most of you know that many of the friends you have on Facebook aren't necessarily anyone you've met before. 
Our night at the B and B was wonderful and so was breakfast. Bev is a good cook and she is a congenial hostess. We look forward to seeing her again.
And then we decided to tell Mrs. Magellan to take us the shortest route home--and that blog is just below this one.


I laughed at the 'shortest way home."

I wish I could have been there! Sounds like great fun! I'll speak for them sometimes!!

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