My Views on Camping

Yesterday I eluded a bit to what I think about camping. Believe me, I've done plenty of it over the years. Thursday when we were driving home through the mountains, we saw people camping so close to one another along the shores of Lake Isabella and the Kern River I don't think that could possibly be fun or relaxing.

When I was a kid our family went camping every summer. I don't remember every camping trip, but I do remember camping at Yosemite when the deer and bears were plentiful and wandered around all over. Later we went to Bass Lake for three weeks where we camped, swam and went water skiing.

With my own family, we tent camped first. And I took my Camp Fire Girls camping a lot. We went to primitive camps and state parks and we camped at the beach. I could cook just about anything anywhere. We back packed into the Sespe where we did find primitive campsites--and brought everything in we needed. Same when we camped on Anacapa Island--we even brought all our water with us.

My final tent camping trek we took with our three youngest children on a trip from California to Maryland and back. We drove a VW bus pulling a small trailer with all our camping supplies. It took us one hour to set up at night and one hour to pack up in the morning. We did see a lot of the country but it was a whole lot of work.

When we returned home I said I'd never do that again. We bought a small camper that went on our truck. With that we camped along the California and Oregon coast and back again. After that trip, I said we had to put a porta potty in the camper. We did and went on a trip with our youngest son to Yellowstone. We had a great time, but I think that was our last big camping trip.

I know my husband would love to get a motor home, but I'm not that thrilled with the idea of driving such a big thing on the highways. I'm quite content to drive our Ford Edge to a nice hotel where I don't have to make up the beds or cook the meals.

And that's how I feel about camping.



As a kid my parents took the family everywhere in an 18 foot motorhome. Lots of adventures, places to see and memories to last a few lifetimes. A cross country trip to see PA, MN, Niagara Falls, Canada, The Presidents Heads in SD, followed the Oregon Trail, Bryce Canyon in Utah, Grand Canyon, Willamette Valley in WA, Redwoods in CA and so much more. With my own family have been camping in a tent annually for over 20 years in Sequoia. I to like the hotel kind of vacation.

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