Oh My Goodness, I Did it Again!

Today my Blackberry quit working. I couldn't get the trackball to go up and down. So I took it to the AT &T store to have them fix it. Anyone who knows me knows I never go anywhere without my Blackberry.

While there the young salesman (they were all young) talked me into getting an iPhone. Why on earth I succumbed I do not know. I hate learning how to use new things. It looked so easy while he was doing it. When I got it home, I couldn't even figure out how to turn it on.

Oh, he put all my information in it, but left it up to me to configure the email. Of course I couldn't do that either. I emailed my Internet server and they emailed me back what to do.

Tomorrow my grandson's friend who has an iPhone is coming to show me how to use mine. When all else fails with gizmos and gadgets always find a kid to help out.

I'm sure once I play around with this for awhile I'll catch onto how this all works--but I don't need iTunes even though the salesman told me where and how to get free ones, I doubt I'll ever watch a movie on it--though I might some day. I don't need to read books on it because I have my Kindle.

And it even has a GPS. Do I need a GPS when I have Mrs. Magellan to tell me what to do? Knowing hubby and me, I suspect we'll use both and that way get a second opinion.

That's it though, I swear, no more gadgets for me.



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