Sunday's Plans

I'm writing this on Saturday, hubby's birthday, but he's off buying cat food for all of his cats, inside and out. I was the person who loved cats--but now not so much because we have way too many.

Today, as usual, we'll get up and get ready for church. Hubby already informed me he'll be leaving early as he must set up communion--we always have communion the first Sunday of the month.

I teach the 3rd - 5th grade boys and sometimes I have a girl when my granddaughter who teaches the girls' class skips a Sunday. (She fills in for me when I'm gone and I'm gone quite a bit, especially now while I'm doing promotion for Dispel the Mist.)

After church we're having a spaghetti dinner. We now have a man in charge of fellowship and he used to own a restaurant so I suspect the spaghetti will be good. (My hubby doesn't like spaghetti so he's not particularly thrilled.) All we're supposed to bring is dessert.

I bought a beautiful German chocolate cake when I went up to Kirby Farms to see about having a book signing there (I am) and I also got some cookies and some wonderful produce. It's not really a farm, it's a little house on the main road through town. They have it set up with table and chairs and serve coffee to go along with slices of cake and pies and muffins. The produce is being sold out of the car port next door.

I suppose hubby will have to help with clean-up--since he just turned 79, he keeps saying once he's 80 he's not doing all this stuff anymore. We'll see. But I suspect the rest of tomorrow will be spent vegging on the couch.

I had a wonderful idea for a blog last night and meant to write it down. I didn't so of course I can't remember the wonderful idea.

Maybe it'll come to me again tonight.



If it does, Marilyn, write it down this time! LOL
I hate when that happens! Wonderful ideas just slipping away...

Sylvia's idea is great. Always have that pen and paper.

I write things down on post-its, but then I can't find them!
The sad thing is I have paper and pen right by the bed, was too lazy to use them. And no the idea didn't come back.

Sunday is going much like I wrote about. Except I ended up with two little girls in my class instead of boys and they were not nearly as well-behaved as the boys.

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