Who Is Your Favorite Author and Why?

Often when I'm being interviewed I'm asked that question. I have many favorite authors--some of them are also friends.

I know if I asked my sister that question she'd say Mary Higgins Clark. She's bought and read every single one of Ms. Clark's novels. I've met Ms. Clark twice and she's one of the most gracious and lovely women as well as being a famous author. I've read many of her books, she is an excellent writer, but the stories are always about a woman in jeopardy, not one of my favorite themes.

Others of my favorites are J.A. Jance and Jan Burke though I haven't read every one of their books, but I like both of their writing styles--and they are both super nice women too. I love the way James Lee Burke describes places and some of his books I like better than others--and no, I don't personally know him though I have seen and heard him speak at a convention. Wm. Kent Krueger does a fantastic job with description too and I've loved all of his Cork O'Connor stories. He's another down-to-earth person that I've met at several mystery cons.

There are many, many more. I have so many friends who write, most of them no where near as famous as those I've mentioned, but they are still wonderful writers.

Because I write mysteries I also love to read them. Among my mystery writing friends who are not as well known as the above are: Sunny Frazier, M.M. Gornell, Kit Sloane, Michael J. Orenduff, Sue McGinty, Victoria Heckman and too many others to name. If I left you out and you know I'm one of your fans, chalk it up to the fact that your name didn't pop into my mind while I was writing this.

So, tell me, who is your favorite author and why?



Sunny Frazier said…
I'm enamored by Daniel Silva. His Gabrial Allon Israli hit man series satisfies me in so many ways. Yes, I've read every one and eagerly await the next. I love learning about history, politics, Israel, what hit men do, and art restoration. After reading one of his books, I often have to give my mind a rest with a much easier read. Decompression.
BillieJohn said…
Setting aside the fact that my very favorite authors are OTP authors, I do have some favorites among the glitterati of writers. I love Hemingway, his crisp, lean way with both dialog and narrative, and of course, Fitzgerald. I usually re-read Gatsy every year or so and marvel anew at how completely he weaves everything together.

More contemporarily, I love Parker, especially the Spenser novels. I am still waiting for my own Spenser to pop into my life. When I lived in LA, I went to his signing each time a new one would come out, and I always found him very congenial, if a tad acerbic.

Years ago, I was a big fan of Lawrence Block, and read all his novels as fast as they came out. But he was very rude to me at the Tornoto Bouchercon in the early 1990s and I never got over it. Never bought another of his books and am still griping about it all these many years later.

I think it's nice to be nice!
Billie, I think Lawrence Block had a drinking problem back then. He's now substituted running for alcohol. How do I know? I'm one of his "friends" on Facebook and that's all he ever posts about how long he ran and what he saw along the way. I haven't read one of his books for years, used to love them, but too many other writers have come along.
WS Gager said…
Catherine Coulture is my favorite, especially her FBI series. I like how she weaves Savich and Sherlock through each of her books but they never get old. They are multi-faceted characters that draw you in on page one and you can't stop until the end.
W.S. Gager
Dorinda Ohnstad said…
Hard to land on one, but these days for me it is James Grippando. He writes the way I want to write, suspensful, thrilling, but with an incredible sense of humor with interesting engaging plots.

My all time favorite was Robert Ludlum (except for his attempts at comedy). It was a paperback book of his (Gemini Contenders) back in college that got me hooked on the thriller genre and I've never looked back since.
Sarah Simas said…
Hi Ladies!

Great post! I love reading Johanna Lindsey and Sherrilyn Kenyon. I know, I know--They're both romance, but I'm an addict!!

I've read Johanna Lindsey for 18yrs and love her alpha males and true-grit heroines. Sherrilyn Kenyon, I love her awesome world building and how she uses Greek Mythology in stories.
Holli said…
Ernest Hemingway. I like that he doesn't waste words and deals with the complexities of human relationships. As far living authors, I like John Sandford, mostly because I am a big fan of serial killer stories and he writes a good one.
Holli Castillo
Karyne said…
Ive had several over the years, but some have remained favorites.
Jane Austen for her absolutely wickedly funny commentaries on human relations.
Christopher Fowler for just amazing details and history cleverly woven into every story, along with two wonderful characters, Bryant and May.
A new one but quickly a favorite is Chris Grabenstein for a truly unique character and loving tributes to my home state.
M.M. Gornell said…
Marilyn, thanks so much for including me in your author friends! My favorite is P.D. James--of course Agatha is the Queen. But like you say, they're famous. I've been reading all the new author friends I've been meeting and they are great writers--just not famous--YET!

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