58 Years and Still Together

Couldn't find a picture of hubby and me by ourselves so this one with our eldest daughter and hubby will have to do.

Yes, 58 years ago today that cute sailor and I were married in the Methodist preacher's home in Cambridge MD.

Everyone said it wouldn't last. We met on a blind date. He came to visit nearly every weekend though I think my dad's shop, our speed boat, and my mom's cooking may have been part of the draw. No matter, on one of the few real dates we went on, to the movies at the Alex Theater in Glendale, the cute sailor proposed.

Was I in love? Thought so at the time, but now I know I was infatuated with the idea that this most handsome sailor--he looked like a young Frank Sinatra with a lock of black hair that hung down on his forehead--actually wanted me. He also could play honky tonk on the piano. He couldn't dance, but after we were married for awhile, I taught him.

First few years were rough. Navy pay was lousy. We had a baby the year after we were married. Lived in crappy apartments. Moved around a lot, back and forth across the U.S. We were separated far too much as hubby was stationed in places like Spain, Cuba, Newfoundland, Bermuda--and no, I didn't get to go.

Finally, he was stationed at the Seabee base in Port Hueneme and we were able to buy a tract home for $100 down. Then the Vietnam War came along and hubby did three tours over there. By that time we had five kids. Also a tough time period. I worked off and on for the phone company to help pay the bills and put food on the table. After hubby retired, life was a bit easier. I taught for ten years in a school for child development and hubby worked for Sears. I managed to go to college and get an AA in Child Development.

We added onto the house a couple of times, a family room and a covered patio. Most of the kids grew up in that house. We had a lot of good memories there. The boys were Cub Scouts and the girls, Camp Fire Girls. I was active in the PTA. We camped a lot and had lot and lots of parties.

And I began writing.

By the time four were grown and on their own and we only had our sixteen year old son with us, we moved to the foothills of the Sierra where we live now. Together, hubby and I ran a licensed residential facility in our home for 23 years. We worked together well as a team.

Our children surprised us with a party at a restaurant for our 25th wedding anniversary. And for our 50th we went on a cruise with family and friends.

We weathered all the troubles and never gave up. I'm so glad we did. We have some wonderful memories, great adult children, eighteen grandkids, and eleven great-grands.

Yes, it was well worth it. Love is much more than what I thought it was back when we were eighteen and twenty-one.



Lillie Ammann said…
Congratulations and happy anniversary, Marilyn!

Lillie Ammann
A Writer's Words, An Editor's Eye
Anonymous said…

What a life you've had together! I loved reliving it with you. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Anniversary to two of the nicest people I ever met!

Pat Browning

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