Being Ahead on Things

My husband and I are the opposite on this. I always get ready for anything way ahead of time. He always waits until the last minute.

I want to be ready because there's no telling what might pop up at the last minute that might delay progress on whatever it might be.

If we're going on a trip, I start deciding what I'm going to wear while I'm gone and begin the packing. Hubby takes twice as much as I do because he has no idea what he'll want to wear.

When I'm writing a book, I'm working on one a year ahead of time while the publisher has the book already for the next year's publication. Since I write two series, that means I have to write two books a year--and I can't wait until the last minute like some authors do. Working under that kind of a deadline would be torture for me.

When I'm going to do an appearance somewhere, at least a week ahead of time, I've decided what books I'm going to take. If I'm giving a talk, I've got the handouts printed and in a folder long before that. Anything to do with that trip, directions, hotel reservations, airline tickets are all gathered together so I don't forget anything.

I live by my calendar. I check it the night before to make sure I'm not forgetting anything, and I check again in the a.m.

Whatever I'm going to wear the next day, whether I'm leaving the house or not, is hanging on the back of the bathroom door for me to jump into after my shower in the a.m.

Despite all this, I still have nightmares about forgetting something important and have been known to get up out of bed in the middle of the night to check my calendar. I suppose this is some type of phobia--but it's better than some others.

Anyway, that's the way I am.



Cheryl said…
It must be a guy thing because my hubby is the same way, though this year I ended up packing his stuff too. Ugh!

No wonder we get along so well Marilyn, we're very much alike in a lot of ways--of course, you're cuter than I am. :)


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