Blog Tours

This is the last week of my blog tour for Dispel the Mist.

I truly enjoy answering the different interview questions and attempting to come up with something new that might pique someone's interest enough to buy a copy of Dispel the Mist.

I've visited on some wonderful blogs--some that belong to friends--people I've actually met along the way, some who are people I only know by their name, and others who willingly agreed to host me on their blog but I hadn't heard of before.

My blog was set up for me by Pump Up Your Promotions and most directly by the wonderful Cheryl Malandrinos. And no, I don't really know Cheryl, though we've worked together before and I feel like she is a friend.

While on a blog tour you can't just sit back and do nothing. It's important that you visit each blog when you're there and leave a comment, at the very least that you appreciate the hospitality of the host. And even more important, you need to let people know where you are each day. Face Book, Twitter, My Space, any place where you have a presence you should tell people. Any list you are on should also be notified of where you are touring.

Most people aren't going to bother checking out the blog, but some will--and those wouldn't do it if you didn't promote the blog. If a blog stays up more than one day, a second reminder doesn't hurt either.

Don't forget to reciprocate and leave comments on other people's blog tours.

Remember, one of the things you learned in Promo 101 is getting your name out there and this is one of the ways to do just that.

I appreciate everyone who has let me visit this past month and talk about Dispel the Mist, my heroine Deputy Tempe Crabtree, and of course, the Hairy Man.



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