Book Festivals and Craft Fairs

This is a photo of friend and fellow mystery author, Madeline Gornell, and myself at the Central Coast Author and Book Festival in San Luis Obispo a couple of weekends ago.

You can't tell by the photo how cold we were. The wind howled through the festival blowing over displays and even taking off with a couple of the umbrellas. The crowd was fair but I'm sure would have been far better if it hadn't been so blustery and chilly. Sales were okay--but I'm sure would've been far better if the weather had cooperated.

Like with all these outdoor activities, you never know what will happen. Fortunately, besides the festival we had a great time with friends the night before, ate a lot of wonderful food, and stayed in a delightful Inn.

I've done a lot of these kinds of events--hot weather ones are usually good, but I don't do well when it's too hot. This weekend is the Springville Apple Festival, right in my backyard, and it'll probably be both cold and warm--that's usual for this time of year. Huge crowds always come, but that doesn't mean they are book buyers. Most are there to eat apple food, buy pies, look at and maybe buy crafts, enjoy the free entertainment and visit with friends. However, I've always done better at this festival than any other and I do have a new book out, Dispel the Mist, which has had lots of publicity in our area.

So, here's hoping for two good days and some people who like to read and still have some money in their pockets.



M.M. Gornell said…
We look like movie stars!(smile) Sure was a fun day despite the weather, and we met so many nice and interesting readers. Have fun at the Apple Festival!
Tribute Books said…
Good for you for getting out there!
Kat Albrecht said…
Hi Marilyn. I'm glad I found your blog! I met you at Sisters in Crime (Fresno) a few years ago (I'm the cop-turned-pet detective). I'm living in Seattle now (love it) and working on a YA bloodhound mystery. Good luck with the new book and the Apple Festival! Knock um dead (with sales that is).
Kat & Dogs

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