Hallopalooza Scavenger Hunt, Clue #4

Buffy St. James was … Milla thought a moment. The girlfriend of G. Winston Howard was … unexpected. Not a model. Not a socialite. She was a middle-aged librarian at one of the city libraries. Her high cheekbones, copper hued skin, and dark hair more than hinted at her Native American heritage. Her beaded leather costume proudly claimed it. It also proclaimed she spent a lot of time around a smoker. Her clothes reeked of cigar smoke.

"Miss St. James, how long have you known Mr. Howard?"

Buffy St. James smiled. "Two years. He's on our Friends of the Library board. The board raised funds for our new building. Winston was very involved in overseeing the construction. He's a detail person; we have that in common. We've been dating about half that time."

"What did you think of his assistant, Carla Jordan?"

Milla watched the librarian as she fingered an expensive-looking silver cuff bracelet, while considering her answer.

"The old adage that you can't judge a book by its cover was never truer than with Carla. She was bright and sunny on the outside but inside…" Buffy St. James took a breath. "Let's just say, if you were smart, you never turned your back on Carla. It's ironic; she was the one who knew just where to stick the knife. Most of the people at the Halloween Ball had ample cause to want Carla gone. I know I did."

"Why's that? Milla didn't believe the librarian was about to confess to the murder, but perhaps she could help her narrow down the suspects.

"She collected information and sold it."

"Sold it? Sold it to whom?"

Buffy St. James sighed. "To anyone who might be hurt if the information became public."

"Did she have something on you?"

The librarian sighed. "Yes, she knew about my brother's stint in jail for bad checks. But since I'd already told Winston about it, Carla moved on – I'm sure she was tormenting some other poor soul."

Milla flipped open her notebooks and started writing. Little Miss Sunflower was a blackmailer.

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MaxWriter said…
Enjoying the hunt!
Chris V. said…
Great story so far!
DarcyO said…
This is fun!

dlodden at frontiernet dot net
I'm glad this is an indoor scavenger hunt. It's foggy and raining outside. Looks like a good day for evil deeds.

There's always an evil librarian! Okay, maybe not, they're the best people I know. :)
PK the Bookeemonster
Anonymous said…
thanks for adding to the story.

Helen Kiker hdkiker@comcast.net
Jane said…
Evil librarians know where to find the dirt, so to speak.
brizmus said…
I hope it's not Buffy. She seems so nice!

all librarians should date billonairs. It would save wear and tear on trying to get the levies passed...

pennyt said…
What a great virtual halloween party - thanks for the effort you all put into this.
Kris said…
I'm having a blast! Thanks for doing this!
Char said…
Great fun, I am so enjoying myself!!!

M. said…
Hi, my first time here, arrived around a few corners from Stiletto Gang!
kaisquared said…
Prefer wicked good librarians to evil ones....
Gink said…
Hmm, what's the importance of her clothing reeking of smoke? I wonder...

This is fun!
- Dori

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