How we Spent our Anniversary

We celebrated on Friday--went to eat at our favorite Thai restaurant and on to the movies. Came home and watched another movie on DVD, though hubby slept through most of it.

But yesterday, the actual day, we decided to clean house. Our grandson is usually the one who does it, but he has other priorities right now to do with the mobile home he lives in.

I always clean our bedroom, bathroom and my office--but we have a lot of house--too much really for too old folks. And if you are a writer, like I am, you need time to write.

But yesterday, I washed rugs, wiped down the kitchen, dusted the living room, dining room, and cleaned the guest bathroom. We have three other bedrooms and a bath that we don't do anything with unless company comes, or someone comes to live with us which happens on a regular basis.

It's good to see that we both still have the stamina to do all this--maybe we should do it more often, it is really good exercise. Maybe we'll have too if grandson doesn't get his own place taken care of anytime soon.

That's my report for the day--we'll be resting all day today--Sunday, after we do Sunday School and church.



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