A Lost Week

Though I have posted about my blog tour on Facebook and Twitter and other places, mostly what I've done this week is sleep. I didn't get up until 8 a.m. this morning. My usual rising time is 6 a.m. or earlier.

Though I hate wasting time, I don't think it was really wasted because I'm finally starting to feel much better. Oh, I'm still blowing my nose, but my ears and throat don't hurt anymore.

Last time I was sick like this was Thanksgiving. Fortunately, I wasn't the cook. We were at my youngest daughter's house and I spent most of my time there in bed. I know we went shopping the morning after but it was all kind of a blur.

My husband has been wonderful, catering to me. One day I made a huge pot of soup and we ate that for three days. He also went out and bought dinner a couple of nights, tasted like cardboard to me.

Now it's time to really perk up and get well. Next weekend is the Springville Apple Festival, which is two days outdoors. And I need to get busy writing my next Deputy Tempe Crabtree book.



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