Report on the Apple Festival

The crowds were huge, especially on Saturday, and people were buying.

I always advertise in the program that they hand out and fortunately, this year, my ad landed at the front and on the right hand side. Some people came to my booth, paper in hand, looking for me. Of course there were others who merely stopped because they were curious.

The only way to sell books at these affairs is to smile and speak to everyone who passes. Those who read will stop and take a look. At that point I begin telling them about each book. I have a one sentence blurb or "elevator pitch" for each one.

I brought 20 of my own titles with me and also a friend's book. You never know what might interest someone. Some covers attract people--but not the same covers. I had only two copies left of one book and only one of another. I put them on the table with a sign saying these were the last. They were snapped up immediately.

I did very well both days though the majority of the sales came in the morning and early afternoon. Later people were tired and hot and seemed to just be plodding along.

About ten people signed up for my monthly online newsletter--many others took cards.

Doing these events is exhausting, but well worth it.

Unfortunately I can't attend next year because Bouchercon is the same weekend. I skipped this big mystery event this year for a couple of reasons--but mainly because it landed the same time as the Apple Festival. In 2010 it will be in San Francisco--just too convenient for me to miss again. No, I won't sell a bunch of books, too many big name mystery authors attend, however, I may meet some readers who will become fans. And I have lots of friends in this community I'd like to see again.

However, I've been promised my spot back for the following year. God willing, I'll be at the Apple Festival in 2011.



susan said…
The Apple Festival sound like alot of fun. I know how much fun the festivals can be for those attending as we used to travel to many of them..we followed country singers to a lot of the smaller events and of course we took part in the other events offered as well. Many fond memories. ha ha I hope you gained many new fans and hope you best wishes in many sales ahead. I am fairly new so you can count me as a fan too. I love books and live to read..I think. ha ha Hope to be in touch in the future. A fan susan L.
Thank you, Susan, for reading my posts and making comments. I do hope you'll read Dispel the Mist. If you do, let me know what you think.

Anonymous said…
Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the Apple Festival. I hope to read Dispel The Mist soon.
Than you, Patsy, for visiting and leaving a post!

Let me know what you think of Dispel the Mist.

M.M. Gornell said…
So glad you did well! And it sounds like you had a lot of fun. Can't ask for a better event.

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